Covid-19 Guidelines

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.” (Philippians 2:3-4)


Dear Lamar Avenue Family,
We pray that everyone continues to be safe and well after what has been a difficult three months. The elders and ministers have begun planning to reopen Sunday, July 12th. We intend to take the recommended safety precautions very seriously in order to minimize infection risk. We know there is a difference of opinion about those precautions but ask for your understanding and Christ-like spirit, and willingness to observe. Our guidelines are listed below:

1. We will conduct two worship services (9:00 a.m. & 11:00 a.m.) each Sunday to create the space needed to observe social distancing practices.
2. Because we want to keep large groups from congregating in the lobby, we ask that you wait until 8:45 am or 10:45 am before entering the building.
3. Members need to choose a service by completing the online form below and attend only that service for now

Worship Attendance Form

Which assembly will you attend?*

4. Recommended minimum distance guidelines will be implemented. There will be at least six feet of distance between those attending, except for those within the same family. Two rows between each occupied pew will be roped off to facilitate the necessary spacing.
5. Please wash your hands thoroughly before leaving your home for the worship service and avail yourself of the hand sanitizers in the building before you enter the auditorium.
6. Songbooks, Bibles, attendance cards and pencils will be removed from the pews to avoid having to sanitize them.
7. Doors, tables, pews and everything touchable will be sanitized before and after the worship service.
8. Wearing protective masks will be mandatory once you enter the building.
9. You will be given individual communion packets as you enter the auditorium. Used cups will be returned to the Ziplock bags for disposing of the packets after use.
10. There will be two boxes in the foyer to place your contribution as you enter the auditorium. The offering trays will not be passed.
11. The bathrooms will be available for use but please use only if necessary.
12. An unattended nursery will also be available but also please use only if necessary.
13. If you are not feeling well for any reason, you should not attend.
14. If you are an “at risk” individual due to having a chronic health issue or because you are over the age of 65, please prayerfully consider whether you should attend. If you are not comfortable with the safety aspects of meeting together, you should not attend. Please pray about this and make wise decisions for you and your family. The worship service will be live-streamed at 9:00 for those unable to attend or who choose not to attend.
15. All children must stay with their parents.
16. Unfortunately, there will be no fellowship activities (socializing, hugs, handshakes, etc.) in the auditorium or foyer before or after the service. Everyone will be asked to have those conversations outside the building.
17. Both entrances to our facility will be used; ushers will accompany you to your seat.
18. Dismissal will occur in a systematic, organized procedure.
19. No food or drink will be available and using the water fountains are discouraged.
20. No Sunday morning Bible classes nor Wednesday evening Bible classes will be offered at the building at this time.
21. Life Groups are encouraged to meet outside with social distancing guidelines observed.

These procedures may seem extreme to some of our members; for others, they will not be nearly enough. It is important to be flexible, forgiving and patient (and to have a sense of humor) as we take this step. Please remember that the goal is to worship our Creator and Savior as his body, collectively; for an indefinite time, this will look much different than how we have traditionally approached our worship together.

As time goes by, we expect to reevaluate and update these policies accordingly. As we work our way through this pandemic, it is vital that we cooperate with one another, extend each other grace, and be proactive in loving our brothers and sisters by looking to their needs and not just our own. One day soon, Lord willing, we will be able to put all this behind us. Until then, let’s stay safe, faithful, and positive.

Please continue to pray for July 12th! Please pray for the safety of our church family. Let us offer a prayer of gratitude for being able to be together again.

The Elders