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Mar 03, 2019

Now Is The Time!

Passage: Mark 1:14-15

Preacher: Randy Johns

Series: Sermons


“Now Is the Time!”

(Mark 1:14-15)

Kingdom” Points:

1. The kingdom is near because the king is here.

2. The consummated kingdom is future, but the experiential kingdom is now.

3. The kingdom is not static, but dynamic.

4. The kingdom is not just a message but also a mission.


Lamar Avenue’s Vision:

Connect with God

Unity of Believers

Restore All Things


Application” Points:

1. We must not only prepare for heaven but begin already to participate in it.

2. To restore all things is to bring a taste of heaven to earth.

3. We must not only support missionaries, we must also serve as missionaries.

4. There is no impact without contact.


“Experiencing Heaven While on Earth”