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Jun 16, 2019

Summer In The Psalms: The Righteousness of God

Passage: Psalms 7:1-17

Preacher: Randy Johns

Series: Sermons


“The Righteousness of God”

Psalm 7:

I.An Affirmation of Faithfulness (1-2)

II.An Avowal of Innocence (3-5)

III.An Appeal for Action (6-9)

IV.An Assertion of Confidence (10-16)

V.An Applause of Thanksgiving (17)


The application for us is to walk in integrity.

1. Maintain a distinct lifestyle.

2. Expect suspicion and discrimination because of this distinction.

3. However, this differentiation should not lead to isolation, but infiltration, not escapism, but engagement.

4. We must “ramp up” good deeds.