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Oct 06, 2019

"You Will Be My Witnesses..." The Church As It's Meant To Be

Passage: Acts 2:42-47

Preacher: Randy Johns

Series: Sermons


"You will be my witnesses..."  Church As It's Meant To Be

Acts 2:42-47

I.Priority: One Important Verb

II.Priorities: Four Important Nouns

III. Priorities Illustrated: Ten Demonstrations


“Church as It’s Meant to Be”
(Acts 2:-42-47)

1. Maintain biblical instruction as the center of church life.

2.  Make relationships at Lamar Avenue a priority.

3.  Share a meal with someone—often.

4.  Persist in prayer.

5.  Engage with culture.

6.  Reflect regularly on our Vision.

7.  Keep “church” important in your life.