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Nov 24, 2019

You Will Be My Witnesses..."When Christian Part Company"

Passage: Acts 15:36-41

Preacher: Randy Johns

Series: Sermons


“When Christians Part Company”

(Acts 15:36-41)

Disagreement about John Mark:

1.  Paul and Barnabas plan a second missionary journey.

2.  Barnabas is willing to give John Mark another chance; Paul disagrees.

3.  Unfortunately, no settlement is reached and Paul and Barnabas part company.

Lessons to Learn:

1. Disagreements are unavoidable.

2. Sometimes friends side against friends.

3. Fractured relations can disrupt God’s mission.

4. Fractured relations can also lead to parallel ministries that expand the work of God.

5. Our goal in ministry should be to become co-workers.

6. The summons of the gospel is reconciliation.

7. Everyone needs a Barnabas.