The Pew Chew

The Pew Chew podcast is a collection of conversations about the church as God’s people; who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going.  It serves as a compendium of sorts, a kind of cultural conspectus of all things faith related; an ever-arcing handbook of oral history hammering out our differences and similarities through dialogue and story to move ever so slightly into a closer, more personal, genuine, and enduring relationship with Jesus.  

Moderated by Nick Murillo

Couples and Coffee:  Adoption (with Clint and Misty Gage, and Stephen and Mandy Gerrald)

Visitor Series: Grady King and The Preacher


Bible Study:  Genesis (Chapter 7) with Bob Crockett​


Bible Study:  Genesis (Chapters 5 and 6) with Bob Crockett


Bible Study:  Genesis (Chapter 4) with Bob Crockett​

10.04.17 On the pew with Daisy Redding​

Bible Study:  Genesis (Chapter 3) with Bob Crockett


 Bible Study:  Genesis (Chapter 2) with Bob Crockett

Bible Study:  Genesis (Chapter 1) with Bob Crockett

8.16.17  On the pew with Sue Johnson.


7.25.17 Visitor Series:  Steve Hemphill and Spiritual Warfare


7.19.17  Martha Crockett, Braided Hair and the Caravan to the Cross (Part One)


6/25/17  DJ Bulls, It Is Well With My Soul...Again, and What Is Music Anyway!? (Part One)

06.14.17  Clay Spencer, The Garden of Eden, and High Diving 101 (Part One)


05.18.17  On the pew with Doug Faires.


05.16.2017  On the pew with Charles Richards.


11.10.2015  On the pew with Alan Fain.