Lamar Avenue Kids Ministry has two overall goals:

1) Foster a love of learning about God and his Word.  We believe the more we know God, the more we can’t help but love him and want to follow him.

2) Cultivate genuine relationships built on our shared love for God. We want our kids to experience the goodness of friendships formed with God at their foundation.

Our strategy is simple, but effective.  We do not want to be one more thing in an overly full family schedule.  Our strategy is to do a few things excellently.

Our greatest investment of time and resources goes to our Bible classes.  They meet Sunday mornings at 9:30 and Wednesday evenings at 6:30 for ages 2-years to 6th grade.   Our lessons have been written to engage kids in a variety of ways with Scripture that attempts to support diverse learning styles.  We encourage curiosity, creativity, and conversation.  We want every person, both teachers and students, to leave each class feeling more confident of their ability to know God and inspired to connect with him in their daily lives.

LA Kids is also always on the lookout for ways to encourage our kids to share their thoughts and talents with the church at large.  We work to intentionally provide training and opportunities to engage and serve.  Our goal here is for kids to always see themselves as a contributing and important part of the family of God.

If you are curious, come and see!  We would love to show you what we do.