Kids For Christ or KFC is designed to provide our children with structured Bible study and activities that focus on service to others and building Christian relationships.

Age-specific devotionals and many activities for Kindergarten through 5th grade are held throughout the year. Scheduled family events provide time for families and children of all ages to share meals and fun activities together. All of these events are designed to encourage fellowship, service to others, Bible study, praise to God, and positive Christian relationships.

Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible classes are available for nursery through 5th grade. We focus on learning God’s Word through organized, yet fun activities that reinforce the lesson and make it memorable.

Children’s Worship is for ages 2 through Kindergarten. This is offered every Sunday morning. It includes singing, a special lesson, and instruction in worship designed to teach and train young children how to worship God. If there is a baptism in the adult worship, children will return to the auditorium to witness and learn from this special event.

Special events are scheduled for the KFC group during the summer months. Activities such as Terrific Tuesday (Trips/Lesson/Snacks/Fun at LACOC), Day Camp at Camp Deer Run, and the Back to School Bash are held.

For more information contact our Youth & Family Minister, Jared Baggett.