Women’s Bible Studies – See Carole James, Loree Johns or Kristen Mayes if you have any questions.

Wednesday Morning:  We have two classes that meet on Wednesday morning.  Our regular Bible study class meets in room 3  from 10-11 am.   A new class was formed in 2019 for our younger moms and young women called REAL (Relationships, Encouragement, Accountability, Life).  This class meets from 10 am until 12:45 at one of our member’s home.  Childcare is provided for the REAL  class and can be arranged if needed for the regular class at the building.

Wednesday Evening:  This class meets from 6:30 – 7:30 pm in room 6.  These Bible studies typically change every quarter.  The current study is Beth Moore’s Beloved Disciple.

In Home Bible Study:  Do you want to start an in-home bible study?  Meet with 8-10 women in your home once a week for bible study and fellowship.

Bereavement meals are served to families who have lost loved ones.  The food is provided by members of the church and served at the church building by groups of ladies.  There are many ways to help with this ministry.  Contact Debra Gage for more information.

Shower groups have been formed to provide wedding and baby showers for our members.  If you are interested in joining one of these groups, contact Linda Erwin.

Cooking Teams – We currently have 5 teams formed that get together and cook meals and deliver them to those who are sick or have had a recent hospital stay.  See Loree Johns if you have any questions about how to get involved.

Nursery Helpers are needed on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening.  Contact Maggie Kerby if you would like to get involved.

Children’s Church – The spiritual development of our children is an important role in our church.  Sign up for a month at a time to help with this Sunday morning ministry.  See Rachel Spencer if you have any questions or would like to help out.

Ladies Brunch is a once a month fellowship located at a home of one of our members.  There are opportunities for hosting or being one of the”chefs”  or sign up at the Welcome Center if you just want to attend.  See Rebecca Murillo for more information.

Ladies Night Out – This is a quarterly event where we get together for a catered meal, short devotional and a crafty learning experience.  If you have a desire to teach a fun “crafty” class, please see Loree Johns and get added to the list.