Revelation 8
Randy Johns
October 21, 2020

With the opening of the __________ seal, we might expect the _______. 

However, a ___________ cycle of ______________ begins. (8:7-11:19).

The seventh seal is __________________. (8:1-5) 

Like the first four seals, the first four trumpets form a concise _________. (8:6-13)

The final three trumpets are linked by the apocalyptic term “__________”; the fifth trumpet introduces the first woe. (9:1-12)

The sixth trumpet introduces the ___________________ woe. (9:13-21)

There is an ________________________ before the seventh trumpet. (10:1-11:14)

The seventh trumpet becomes the __________ woe. (11:15-19)

The “silence” of the seventh seal is the __________ before the __________, a hush before the hurricane. 

Through the first four trumpets, we see ________ deny the _______________ of earthly security because of their idolatry and their persecution of the church.

_____________________________ of the final three trumpets (8:13)