Passage: Micah 6:1-16
Preacher: Randy Johns
Date: February 16, 2020

Sermon Notes:

“The Micah Mandate”


I. What God has Done for His People (6:1-5)

II. What God Expects in Return (6:6-8)

III. What God Cannot Tolerate (6:9-12)

IV. What God is Moved to Do (6:13-16)

The Micah Mandate:

  1. Act Justly
  2. Love Mercy
  3. Walk Humbly with God

Ethical behavior is far more important than the mechanics of sacrificial rites.


  1. Create a “tov” culture.
  2. Commit a random act of kindness.
  3. Volunteer!
  4. Become involved in a cause.