The Beatitudes

A “beatitude” in the Bible is a literary form that begins with the word “blessed” and affirms God’s favor and presence upon certain people.

To be “blessed” is to be the recipient of God’s favor and to experience a deep inner joy, having faith in God who is above all events and who is in control of all circumstances.

These beatitudes are a combination of declarations and directives, emotions and ethics, and congratulations and commands.

Their application depends on the frequent changing of a disciple’s circumstances.

“Blessed are the meek”

  1. “Meekness” is an attitude not a condition.
  2. To “inherit the earth” means winning the world through meekness; is the art of subtle wooing.

“Blessed are the merciful”

  1. The biblical concept of mercy points in two directions: forgiveness extended to one who has sinned and kindness shown to one in need.
  2. Mercy extended is predicated by mercy received.