Passage: John 6:1-71
Preacher: Randy Johns
Date: July 12, 2020

Sermon Notes:

“Seeing Jesus as the Bread of Life”

Two Types of “I am” Statements:

1. ____________________

2. ____________________ ___________________

What does it mean that Jesus is “the bread of life”?

1. In biblical times bread was the _________________________ food, synonym for food itself and even the _________________ for that which in any way might sustain physical life.

2. Jesus, as the bread of life, must be our ___________________ food which sustains our __________________ life.

Food for Thought

1. What we eat reveals what we __________________ for.

2. We are what we __________.

A healthy spiritual life occurs through a healthy diet of Jesus; he alone provides spiritual nourishment.

1. ___________ the ___________________.

2. ____________ about him.

3. __________, “What would ____________ do?”