Randy Johns
March 21, 2021

“The Gospel of Grace Intensified” 

(Galatians 5:16-6:10) 

Four Important Verbs Concerning the Spirit

  1. “walk”
  2. “led”
  3. “live”
  4. “keep in step”

What This Means

  1. The desires of the flesh are not indulged. (5:16)
  2. The Christian is not obligated to the law. (5:18)
  3. Passions and desires are crucified. (5:24)
  4. The Spirit will be pleased. (6:8a)
  5. Eternal life will be harvested. (6:b)

Specific Application → 6:10

  1. Humility rather than conceit
  2. Encouraging rather than provoking
  3. Acceptance rather than envying

Theological Summary

  1. The Spirit has replaced circumcision as the “identity marker” of those who belong to God.
  2. The real proof of the Spirit within us is neither subjective, emotional experiences, nor supernatural signs, but moral, Christ-like attitudes.
  3. The secret of fruit-bearing is not to focus merely on better behavior, but to develop an awareness of the deity residing within us.
  4. Moral conduct is fostered by the Spirit, not the law.